Saturday, August 29, 2009

True Love - Does it really exist ?

During this week's Chrolli Video Blog (the weekly online video blog from "Christian and Olli", my favorite soap opera couple), Olli asked his audience this question, "How far would you go for true love?".

Although, they are a fictional couple, beautifully portrayed by two amazing actors, Jo Weil as "Olli" and Thore Schoelermann as "Christian", AND it's a fictional storyline, the question still weighed heavily on my mind.

Personally, I have never really believed in what I think is "true love". That is not to say that I have never been in love. I have "truly" loved exactly 2 men. Count it. And I will always love them. BUT it wasn't meant to be. And because this girl likes to sleep and eat and not have tear-stained pillows, that is NOT happening again.

So, while I don't believe in true love for me, I yearn for the feel of it ..or at least I yearn for the feeling of watching it happen to someone else. And with that comes the very sacred "safe distance", where you can cry a little (or sob, in my case) when the person is broken hearted on your television show or you can be angry on behalf of your favorite soap character but your heart...the real safe and hope.

I say hope...because with "Christian and Olli" ones heart is safe. This couple has to be the super couple of a lifetime. And this comes from a girl who has fallen in love with more characters on television that I could list in a 6 hour sit down. Christian and Olli are two men who have fought and struggled through many different trials to get to their love.

In this beautiful storyline,(penned by the very talented Tom Chroust) Christian was with Coco (a girl) until he met Olli and fell head over heels in love. And so it began. The most beautiful love story I have ever witnessed on television. Christian fought his feelings over and over but in the end, true love won out. Together, they have faced many oppositions, among them, Christian's own self denial /facing his sexuality, coming out to his family and friends, trying to have a boxing career in a very homophobic world and the potential death of Olli (at the hands of a gay basher).

The video below is a fan video called "Run". It is the epitome of what I see as "True Love" as portrayed by "Christian and Olli". As Olli fights for his life after being gay bashed, Christian feels as if his life will be over without Olli. Although, he faces the possibility of going back to jail if he fights Axel, he simply doesn't care. All he is thinking is that his life is over without Olli. But it's his love for Olli that stops him from beating Axel in the end. He simply goes to the boxing club to face the abusers and reminds them that Olli is a great person, it doesn't matter that he is gay, he is a amazing human being, kind and loyal. They would be lucky to know him. A beautiful video and a touching song. Showcases the love.

These two actors have the overwhelming chemistry and talent that it takes to make us all forget that they are actors and show us all a love that could really be true and last a life time. I believe that through their work, they give hope to a lot of people. That's kind of a love in itself and I'm thankful for it. Because for some of us, that is all we want or can handle.

In summary, in the video blog, Olli asked how far you would go for true love. For these two characters, they would go to any length to be true to each other and true to their love. Me...not so far. But when I love...I love deep. So, it's a good thing.

*If you want to witness this beautiful love story, it is available on you tube with English subtitles. Every episode. By Nanna. :) Here is the link. Enjoy and hold on to your heart. Christian and Olli playlist

(video by "HalunkeXGast84)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why do people feel the need to hurt?

Today I was in a happy mood, I was working on something very positive, feeling really good about life in general. That is until I started chatting with one of my friends on the internet.

I will speak only in general terms as to not out this person..out in the sense that someone reading may figure out who I am referring to. I do not want to cause this friend any more hurt than they have already been put through. But I do want to talk about it because I honestly don't understand why people have to treat each other this way. It baffles me to no end.

This person has recently gone through some changes and those changes had caused people close to them to react badly. Their family and friends didn't really care for the changes but seemed willing to accept the changes and let life go on as it may. However, a little time has passed and now they are beginning to behave in such a way- avoiding this person, making unkind remarks, not understanding, to the point of really hurting my friend - so that now this friend seems to think their only answer is to leave their family and friends behind. ("to make everyone's life easier")

I ask what given time do you feel you have a RIGHT to make someone else feel that they are WRONG to feel the way that they do, to love who they love or to look the way they choose to look??

In my opinion, you never have that right. I am no saint by any means. I mess up with the best of them. But there is one thing I pride myself on and that is I try to never judge someone. I was always taught that you don't know how a person feels unless you have been in their shoes. So, I try to tell myself that. I say "try" because I will be honest and admit something. There is one thing that I am quick to judge and that is a mother caring for her child. If I think someone is mistreating a child, then yes, I will be quick to judge and quick to take action. As I said..I am no saint and I hold mother's to a very high standard.

But when it comes to how someone dresses, how they behave (when not hurting someone - just being themselves..their true selves), who they chose to love..then no, I have no judgement. I have no right to a judgement IF I HAD one..which I don't. It holds no barring on me. I see no difference in that person and anyone else walking the street.

Therefore, when I hear about my friend being treated badly because my friend chooses to dress a bit different, love differently than most people and behaves a little different that perhaps they "should" (according to their families) "standards", then it really upsets me.

For the life of me, I don't get it. I don't get why some people feel the need to hurt others. Why they think they have a right to sit back and call names and "keep their children" away from "those types of people". WTH??

We are not always going to like what someone else does, is that justification for us to write them out of our lives? If so, then how can we say we loved them to begin with? I have messed up many times. I have done some really stupid things to people I love very much. What if they had just "written me off"? They would have lost out on me and I would have lost out on them. How fun would that have been? It's not worth it.

I don't like the fact that my brother and brother-in-law go out hunting and kill little baby deer. I hate it actually. Does that mean I don't ever want to see them? I hate that they have the deer head hanging in their living room (I mean seriously...who the hell wants to look at Bambi while they are visiting??) BUT, does that mean I won't go to their house? No...because I love them and care about them. So, I go in and just chose not to look up. :)

My point is... there are always going to be things about people in our lives that we don't like, or we don't agree with. It may go against our religious beliefs, it may go against our nature..but you know what? Does it really matter in the end? As far as the religious beliefs.....can we just leave that up to God...who really knows that story but him? As far as your nature goes what. For are a man, you hate that your nephew is kissing another what? You don't have to kiss him....why do you care? Your nephew is still your nephew. The same boy you loved all his life..the same person, the same kid you played ball with from the time he was little. So he loves someone you would chose not to. Does it matter? Get over it. Stop judging based on stupid stuff. Love each other and move on. I think this place will be all the better for it.

And as for my friend. I hope they don't leave. I hope they work it out with the family and friends. Because the family and friends are the ones losing a beautiful person.

Rant over...

Friday, August 21, 2009

What is the attraction to vampires

I can't speak for everyone, but my attraction to vampires goes back many years. It seems to have started with "The Lost Boys" and still continues to this day. I love nothing more than to curl up in a chair reading a novel about a mysterious vampire of mesmerizing beauty or watch a film, television show or Broadway musical involving these creatures of the night.

However, there has always been a common denominator when it comes to myattraction to these dark, mysterious, immortal, blood lusting dark angels. And for me that one thing has to be present in order to fuel my infatuation with the vamp of my choice.

My vampire, in order to have my full attention, has to have a certain "look". And for this, I blame Brad Pitt.

Since "Interview with a Vampire" entered my world, shallow as that world can sometimes appear, these dark, mysterious, immortal, blood lusting creatures will always have to be portrayed on film, television and stage as sexy, dangerous, gorgeous and lusting not only for blood but for love and sex. Add in the "tortured" characteristic and I'm THERE! Because after all, isn't that the best kind of vamp? One that is not only beautiful to look at, but also one that you are more than willing to have toss-you-up-against-a-wall, whom you can cuddle as he takes a quick nip.

Forget those vampires of days past when they spoke as if they were drawing out every single syllable with that ungodly accent from Transylvania. With their widows peak and black capes cascading around them as they proceeded to chase their prey, fangs fully exposed.

No, I have a "look". I unreasonable can you get? But that is my denominator and without it, I lose interest in the movie, play or television show. However, as I continue, I want you to think about it and ask yourself the following question. Are there any vampires of recent shows where the vampire does not fit this description? I believe that I am not alone in my craving for this "vampire "look".

Thanks to Brad, my Lord of the darkness must be at least 6 ft tall with long (I prefer dark, thick and wavy) hair. But it is a necessity that his hair be at least shoulder length. He must be gorgeous with dark lustful eyes. Full lips are always preferred. Elegant when he walks, talks and above all, he must be soulful and full of misery. Yes, I like my vamps wanting to be human, wanting to leave the world of vampires behind. That is my perfect vampire. Thank you Brad. :)

Below is a list of vampires and the actors who portrayed them. And I have lusted after every single one. Mitchell being the one I adored the most (after Louis and Lestat). Did you like any of them? All of them? Notice the similarity? It's all in the "look".

I bet I surprised you with "Jasper" rather than "Edward Cullen". But if you have read this blog you will know that Rob P. does not fit into my ideal of the perfect vamp. Had I been the casting director, he would have never been cast as the "Most beautiful man in the world" as Bella was quoted saying at least 10,000 times during "Twilight", the book.

And while Hugh Panaro's completely blonde Lestat moved away from my normal code, he was so gorgeous and his voice so beautiful..he completely swept me away and I was his for the night.

Other than the "look", my vamp needs to have that "tortured", lonely, full of misery side to him. There is something about that combination of misery and hottness that sends shivers down my spine. Again, I thank you Brad.

There you have it. My reason for why and how I pick my delicious, dangerous, mysterious vampire to love and lust over. I wonder if any of you have a "look" that you attach to a certain type of character? I would love to hear your answers and why you are drawn to that look. After all, there a little bit of shallowness in the best of us. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One of life's tough decisions...

One would think that naming your blog would be the easiest thing in the world. But in actuality, it's probably the hardest. What if you choose the world's most ackward name? Or the most ridiculous..or heaven forbid, something that no one will ever remember once they have paged away from your most intimate of words? The baring of your soul left for any and everyone to see. (Ok, so maybe that's carrying it a bit far...but while we are on the subject....word to the wise..if you are looking for baring of souls and intimate words, you are at the wrong blog. I don't do intimate, I don't do baring of souls..oh and while I'm at it..I don't do have a nutshell. :)

Back to naming my blog. It's true, it started off rather complicated. I struggled. I tried every cute word I could think of to throw down on paper. Nothing worked. So, I began to think about what I liked. I like movies, television, theatre, singing, which led me to people I like. Entertainers in movies, television and theatre, which led me to plays...and one came to mind. "Lestat". One of my all time favorite plays on Broadway. It didn't last long (another blog for another day) but it was fabulous and one of my favorite lines in the play was when Lestat looked at Louie and said "Embrace it" when referring to the vampire life. Then I had blog name.

Because as you will soon learn (if you are still reading this blog), I embrace just about everything. Life, people, fun, celebration....I embrace all different things. And pretty much expect that from my friends as well. They don't necessarily have to embrace them the same as me, but just be willing to embrace...a little...and all is well in my world.

So, while I'm figuring out if I want to continue this blogging thing or not (rather than flop every single thought I have on facebook), anyone want to sit back with me, have a glass or two of wine and embrace life?? :)